Aura + Chakra Imaging + Evaluation

In a similar way that each of has a unique fingerprint, aura - chakra blueprints may provide an indication of where our energy fits into the broader world. Explore cutting-edge aura-energy technology that visualizes the essence of energy. 

Integrated with the latest innovations we are provided insight beyond basic understanding. Peer into a new world by seeing your very own beautiful real-time simulations of your energy centers on screen. Inspired by over a decade of knowledge and precision engineering, advanced Inner Energy products combine aura and energy imaging with live digital video. 

Inner Energy - Aura Video is a highly calibrated aura imaging system designed to help simulate the bodies energetic states. Stunning visuals of your aura and chakras in real-time results, inspire a richer, more visual experience allowing you to better understand your overall energy wellness and help communicate where your true potential lies. 


With Inner Energy, knowledge is power — See Full Body Aura and Chakra Energy Centers, learn what Aura and Chakra colors represent, along with a Bio Data Graph giving you a full analysis of your current energetic state. Expand your potential through higher awareness provided through this enhanced technology. 

Ask me about opportunities to be to your private events and parties the Inner Energy System! 

$40 | 30 Minute Session