Holistic Mindful Healing Coach & and your biggest cheerleader

Bringing Balance to Mind-Body Wellness

My name is Donna Daacke, I am your holistic mindful healing coach and biggest cheerleader, everything that I believe and practice in my life begins first with the understanding that we are all energy (light) based beings of The Great Creator, Source, God, The Divine, whatever your understanding or belief system. The light in you is the light in me and is the light of creation.

It is of that light that we have true and infinite potential. The healthy free flow of that light energy through our mind, emotions and body is essential to taking back our power and living our happiest and healthiest life.

The average person has three careers in their lifetime and as a true renaissance soul, I have reconnected with my soul's purpose. My soulful place is to be in the flow of peace, health, and happiness and to compassionately guide others in the discovery of their own happy and healthy flow through mindful practices, energy health and a high connection to soul. It’s no secret that I am a fan of energy, healing, and high vibrations, but just like you, I energetically ebb and flow, I experience struggle, self-limiting thoughts, real emotions, stress, and physical ailment but I have come to realize more objectively, however, that all of this is a part of our human experience. Welcoming and cultivating growth through awareness within that human experience for me is wholeness. Gaining the understanding that with everything including the words, there is a true synergy and thread of the mind (our thoughts) to the emotions (our feelings) and onto the body (physical manifestation). My journey has been a process of establishing clarity by looking inward, doing the work, learning and working daily to be more present within the moment allowing acceptance, letting go of my junk, those limiting thoughts, and behaviors that restrict peace and flow. I work to establish the healthy flow of my energy body by utilizing the tools and processes that reveal the blueprint for intentional direction, awareness, and health. I’ve chosen authenticity, designing strategies and making brave choices for cultivating a healthy connection with myself and with others. Life isn’t always easy, we all know that, but with gratitude for every single day, I navigate with openness, better self-awareness, and love for all life. I currently live in Pennsylvania and have lived several years out west in Idaho and Arizona. Each experience always teaches me something. I am very open and curious about the world we live in and enjoy writing, creative art, travel, exploration, discovery, learning, and sharing. Through new experiences, I remain always open to learning and growing.

 “ The Best Teacher Is Always A Student.”   

I bring to you an education, background, and love for various energy, mindfulness, and healing modalities, I am a professionally Certified Life Coach with additional certification in the more expansive holistic healing and coaching program with Awakenings Institute. I am Certified with the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification with additional training in past life regression therapy with Brian Weiss as well as a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Facilitator and member of the Guild of Energist. I practice as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Eden Energy Essentials Facilitator. I am a board-certified Esthetician and Nail Technician Pa.Md. with additional units in aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. I blend mindfulness practices, energy healing modalities, and relaxation to cultivate healing and recalibration for you on all levels