Holistic Energy Wellness Consultant

My name is Donna Daacke, I am your energy wellness consultant and biggest cheer leader, everything that I believe and practice in my life begins first with the understanding that we are all energy (light) based beings of The Great Creator, Source, God, The Divine, whatever your understanding or belief system is. The light in you is the light in me and is of the light of God.

The healthy free flow of that light energy through our mind and body is essential to living our happiest and healthiest life.

The average person has three careers in their lifetime and I would say I am onto my third as I have reconnected with my soul's purpose. My soulful place is to be in the flow of peace, health, and happiness and to compassionately guide others in the discovery of their own happy and healthy flow through a connection to soul. I believe that our human experience through a mind-body-spirit connection is to have a joyful, healthy journey that is established through a process of making brave choices, letting go of the junk that no longer serves us and to establish healthy connections with ourselves and other’s creating optimal health on all levels. I currently live in Pennsylvania and have lived several years out west in Idaho and Arizona. I am very open and curious about the world we live in and enjoy travel, exploration, discovery, learning, and sharing.

“ The best teacher is always a student.”

After attending Boise State University as a communications major, I flew as a Flight Attendant for 10 years before raising two children. While raising my babies I attended school for Esthetics and established my first Skincare Studio. As a part of my personal expanding journey, I began to help others discover and embrace their own expansion and transformation. Following my soul’s guidance with the desire to serve in a healing manner, I developed Mindfully Connected and a holistic energetic approach to wellness.

In addition to being a Professionally Certified Life Coach and student of the California based Awakenings Institute I am Certified with the National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification and a current member of the Guild of Hypnotist. I am in practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified EFT Facilitator and current member of the Guild of Energist. As your holistic energy consultant, I lovingly serve to hold space for and assist you along your very own path of personal discovery and connection with the divine wisdom of the soul as your guide. As your cheerleader, I take delight in listening, motivating, and exploring along with you, your dreams and true identity.