Why Have a Coach?

A Holistic Mindful Approach To Mind-Body Wellness

I partner with you by providing guidance along your path of personal discovery. We have thoughts and those thoughts create our emotions those emotions create our patterns and habits. Establishing healthy patterns and habits physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically are essential to our physical well being. As  holistic beings, when negative patterns established through thought processing are allowed to continue over time the body’s cells down to the smallest particle are energetically influenced, altered and impacted. By allowing stress, anxiety, anger and depression along with unresolved junk to become a poorly managed pattern, we invite in on a cellular, energetic level the opportunity for chronic illness to begin its manifestation. Cultivating healthy mindfulness habits of mind-body-emotion is essential for health and longevity.  As your holistic mindful healing coach, I collaboratively assist you along your path guiding you soulfully toward greater self awareness and the daily practice of mindful living . We work together to discover life balance, joy and better flow through applying mindfulness strategies for stress and anxiety reduction, establishing awareness and management of thoughts and core beliefs that no longer serve you as well as the healing and releasing of old emotional wounds. Mindfulness coaching utilizes the teaching and incorporation of healthy new tools and processes such as CBT thought awareness (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) energy movement and flow with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques, visualization. As your biggest cheerleader I would love to assist you in the manifestation of better mind-body-emotion awareness for living your best life everyday soulfully guided through mindfulness practices that can become an integrated part of who you.  I assist you with the ability to access your inner being and use your key strengths and purpose to intentionally and with clarity create strategies and goals for positive transformation. 

Holistic mindful healing and coaching deals more with healthy minded clients with normal challenges. Holistic mindful healing and coaching assists you in reaching holistic energetic wellness through mindfulness practices, energy movement, relaxation and restoration along with reaching into the magical realms of manifestation, guiding you to design one's life soulfully and forwarding action toward realizing one's dream and best self. I guide individually and with group wellness circles and workshops, those who are inspired to let go, dig deeper, build awareness toward a more intentional way of living. The process of healing is one that has to be self motivated. There is no magic pill or session that can heal like the genuine desire of ones self to take control, doing it for someone else is not the path to true healing. Together, through a mind-body-emotion-spirit exploration, collaboratively and creatively we serve to establish personal alignment and shift realities using a soulful approach and practical tools to develop balanced wellness thus creating a healthier, happier you.


Holistic Wellness

Mindfulness and healing is experienced potentially through incorporating various healing modalities, mindfulness tools, processes and practices for everyday living. My sessions are designed to lift and guide a client who is ready to change what’s not working for them. Healing on multiple levels can occur when you are ready to address imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional/energetic aspects of one’s self. Whether you are seeking simply some time out to relax, restore and recalibrate or are seeking guidance for better stress and anxiety management for a more mindful awareness everyday, I hold space for you in the highest way so that you may connect with your inner (light) being.

Donna’s Modalities Include

  • Mindfulness Practices, Insight Meditation, Visualization, Relaxation Techniques, Breathing and Journaling,

  • Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Clearing and Recalibrating Chakras

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (TAPPING)

  • Reframing & Anchoring (NLP)

  • Spiritual Kinesiology ( Muscle Testing)

  • Holistic Hypnotherapy - Resolving Energetically Stored Habits/Patterns)

  • Essentials Of Energy Medicine - Eden Energy Medicine Practices For Activating Energies That Have Become Weak, Disturbed, Or Out Of Balance, Utilizing The Body’s Natural Healing Energies.

  • Aura & Chakra Energy Imaging and Evaluation

  • Holistic Skincare & Energy Meridian Massage For Relaxation & Restoration

  • Intuitive Guidance

I’ve been seeing Donna since 2017. First for life coaching. Donna has helped me see my full potential and she has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone. I participated in the Celebrate You workshop with Donna, this was an amazing workshop. We focused each month on a topic and we worked on whatever our topic was for that month. This is a group workshop and I have met the most amazing people and have formed some great friendships. I consider the group my tribe. I also had Reiki sessions with Donna, they are AMAZING! I left my session feeling very confident, grounded and lifted. Donna is truly a beautiful soul spreading and sharing love. I highly recommend Donna and her services.
— Valarie Budacz