Individual Mentoring

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Usui Reiki Attunements Levels one -two -three or master

Level One Consist of 3-2 hour sessions $ 6 hours

Level Two Consist of 2-1.5 hour sessions $ 3 hours

Level Three Consist of 2-1.5 hour sessions $ 3 hours

Reiki mentoring starting at level one breaks down and teaches you the history, practical application and prepares you for having the confidence you may need to start utilizing this complimentary self healing technique for yourself, your animals, love ones, and potentials clients. Reiki level one is required before moving on to levels two then three.

EFT - Tapping Facilitation

Consist of 3-1.5 hour classes $225. total 4.5 hours

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique also referred to as tapping is a very practical and simple way of moving stagnate energy through the mind and body for release of emotional and physical energies. EFT mentoring helps build a basis for the understanding and utilizing this complimentary modality for yourself and potential with others.

Meditation Guidance

Consist of 3-1 hour sessions 150. total 3 hours

We get too in our heads (pun intended) about how and why to meditate. Meditation mentoring brings to you a better understanding of the benefits and practice of meditation along with the discovery of what works best for you as a practice.

Intuitive Development

Consist of 5-1 hour sessions $250.00 total 5 hours

Intuitive development mentoring allows for the one on one time to explore the very natural mind-body-spirit connection. Understand the hearts wisdom and connection to soul. Practicing accessing this magical part of you as you realize it’s value as a navigation tool in your life.

Taking Back Your Power - A Healing Journey To Manifestation Mode

Consist of 7 - 1.5 hour sessions $525. total 7 hours

This one on one healing journey is a collaborative process for setting a course for inspired action. I guide you into a connection with your heartfelt dreams and shifting into manifestation mode while clearing resistance and eliminating the hold of the past, all propelling you back into your power!

Guided Intuitive Empowerment Process

Consist of 3 - 1.5 hour sessions $225 total 4.5 hours

The true nature of healing is becoming free of our subconscious energetic imprint, meeting and releasing our subconscious fears and moving from that place of FEAR into LOVE which in turn frees us up to realizing our unlimited potential. This process involves a thorough energetic evaluation and as your guide throughout I will assist you in identifying, clearing and releasing any subconscious fears and physical energetic blocks and you return home to your infinite personal power.


Your Intuitive Sense

Intuitive Development Series Starts MONDAY, May 6th

Dates for consecutive series 6,13,20,27 Time 6:30-8 for four weeks. Cost 120. To Register call 717.858.0004

In this fun intuitive development series, you will become comfortable with your natural ability to access this magical part of you and understand it as a valuable tool and something that is as real to you as are your head and heart. You will realize your gifts and higher potential as simply being a part of our connection to all there is. In this series, we will explore the following, while practicing valuable tools for gaining your intuitive confidence.

*Intuition a bridge to the soul

*Science and Intuition (The Brain & Consciousness)

*Explore the physical senses as higher senses

*Heart wisdom and healing


First Monday’s Guided Meditation 

Join me for a quick hit of focused energy to start your week with first Monday’s guided meditation.

Every first Monday of the month


Check in each month the weekend before to confirm our meet up as I am currently traveling a fair amount

Time 6:30-7:30  Cost 5. Per Session

RSVP will be required in advance for each session

Why Meditation-The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature which is described as peace, flow and happiness. The value and practice of meditation is often misunderstood. Potentially each of us will experience our essential nature in different ways. The goal of this time together is to connect and rest with ourselves and each other by creating space for a time out and exploring elements and ways on a very simple basis to connect with our essential self. MRI scans show that after an eight-week course of meditation practice, the brain's “fight or flight” center, the amygdala, appears to shrink. This primal region of the brain, associated with fear and emotion, is involved in the initiation of the body's response to stress. Managing our thoughts (mind chatter) can release stress and that can lead to healing the physical body.

Meditation can assist with the following The most common reasons people try meditation

  • Controls Anxiety. ...

  • stress reduction

  • Promotes Emotional Health. ...

  • Enhances Self-Awareness. ...

  • Lengthens Attention Span. ...

  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss. ...

  • Can Generate Kindness. ...

  • Promotes Physical Well-Being

Upcoming Workshops  Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires  Discovering My Soul’s Purpose  Choosing Consciousness & Creating Balance

Upcoming Workshops

Manifesting Your Dreams & Desires

Discovering My Soul’s Purpose

Choosing Consciousness & Creating Balance

Celebrate You coaching circle has allowed me the opportunity to connect with grow and learn from an amazing group of women, all of whom I might have not otherwise met if it wasn’t for this class. This series has been great for me, I am a busy mom of two little ones with a career that requires a frequent travel schedule. It’s hard to truly make time for yourself and this class has encouraged me to do just that. Donna is one of the most loving, down to earth people. She is able to share her spirit throughout the class which enhances everyone’s ability to truly work on their goals and purpose. Time with Donna alone is very valuable, however, the addition of the group of like-minded women to aid in that time is priceless.
— Lindsay O'Conner