Creating Balance, Self Discovery, Life Purpose, Healing, Being Brave & Intentional Living



My name is Donna Daacke, I am your energy wellness coach and everything that I believe and practice in my life begins first with the understanding that we are all energy based beings of The Great Creator, Source, God, The Divine, whatever your understanding or belief system is.

The healthy free flow of that energy through our mind and body is essential to living our happiest and healthiest life.

The time I’ve spent with Donna has been nothing short of amazing. She is spiritually gifted and offers her gift to all that know her. She is a kind and compassionate healer who always goes that extra mile. Donna has assisted me in experiencing emotional healing through hypnosis sessions. I have always received incredible Reiki sessions as well as spiritual awakenings while working with Donna. Donna has helped me tremendously to practice awareness in my daily life and I am forever grateful for her loving spirit.
— Nina Barrco

Why Have a Coach?

I partner with you and provide guidance along your path of personal discovery. Through a process of exploring your pure potential, my goal is to assist you in seeing more clearly a path to the healthy beautiful life you seek.

As your holistic coach, I collaboratively assist you along your path soulfully. I explore with you your greatest joys and what motivates you while identifying self-sabotaging fears and energetic blockages that can keep you from moving forward. I assist you with the ability to access and use your key strengths and purpose to intentionally design your life