Do What You Love and Love What You Do



What did you do today? Did you love what you did today? Did you do what you wanted to do today in the way that you want to do it? If you said YES, then you are getting it. If not, ask yourself WHY? Recently, I was reminded firsthand of

the fragility of life, as I spent last week in the hospital supporting a loved one with a recent serious prognosis. The many hours spent together going through the highs and lows and everything in between with lots of emotion and the realization that all of us, every single one of us will pass from this body and this time around will be complete. I think we’re all familiar with the famous bucket list and those big items as a part of our list but, what about the daily awareness of, what do I love and do I love doing it? So many of us go through the motions of life without the awareness of life. If someone told us that we have a limit number of days left for considering this question, we might be more inclined to pay attention and to start being intentional with the time we have. Being intentional with our time in the big scheme of things can be a small adjustment for some and larger for others. For some it may not matter and for some it matters more. If it matters to you, consider taking a personal inventory, clean out some personal closets, dust off the ole cobwebs of life, open the windows and let in some fresh air. Small adjustments in our daily living can bring in awareness, presence and joy.

A pondering question, am I doing what I love and do I love doing it? I encourage you to be the master of your ship, chart a course in life that takes you to all the places your heart and mind could ever imagine!

A few inventory questions to consider:

1. Am I living intentionally each day? My why before my what.

2. Do I take the time to be a human-being or am I mostly a human-doing?

3. Am I aware of the goodness in my life, taking it in, what am I grateful for?

4. Consider the things that truly matter, my wellbeing, people, surroundings, career, health, do a feel a balance?

5. Finally, am I being truly being present most of the time? Engaging the senses in most situations, like when I eat, when we gather, when I am out in nature. Am I mindful of life’s little pleasures?