Let It Flow - Energy Cleansing

         Why is it that we go to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned or medical doctor for our annual examination. We work out at the gym and try to eat well and get enough sleep, but somehow we fall short of the whole-being health by discounting the need for energy wellness. Perhaps it’s because so many in the Western world don’t yet understand energy wellbeing and it’s value and connection to the whole state of being. Energy is the thread that runs through every aspect of our wellness, mentally. emotionally, and physically, so it only makes good sense to find the value in cultivating a practice of strong energy wellness.  Energy is meant to flow and unless blocked it is always moving and without care, it will naturally have a negative impact on our overall state of being. So, it makes good sense to keep it as a vital part of our health consideration.

When we think about energy health and what that means, we should consider first that we are all made of energy. I believe energy to be of divine nature, but whatever your belief system is I encourage you to open up to an understanding that even science is now offering the basic principles of how energy flows and it’s vital role in the overall state of our well being. 

Consider a closet packed full of junk and only the stuff in the front gets used. The discarded stuff in the back and on top of the closet has rested there for years. You can still use the closet, but every time you open it up to get something, you cringe because you know you must go through this closet and do some clearing but, you avoid the task because you’re a little overwhelmed with the thought of it. Our overall health is very similar in that we have all this accumulated junk within the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of ourselves and it’s a good idea to on occasion to get in there and do some cleaning out or cleansing of these spaces. If your closet has junk from many years ago and you’re too overwhelmed, you may enlist the help of someone to dig in deep and help you to start to eliminate bit by bit until the areas are free-flowing.  

If you are extremely sensitive energetically you may have to clear more often but, generally speaking, we all should consider energy cleansing and recalibrate on a regular basis. I like to clear often, but if you’ve experienced something more intense, your body will indicate the need for some flow. To simplify this cleansing concept, I will break in down into some easy to do exercises that will assist you in your own practice of energy health. 

Practices for clearing and creating a better flow of energy for the whole state of well being.

1. Breathing, With breathing, we are breaking up stagnate energy and making room for the better flow of energy. To the count of three inhale, breaking up stagnate energy, making room for the flow of energy. Next, exhaling is the focus here because we are eliminating, exhaling fully, to the count of five. With your next inhale to the count of three, focus on the positive nature of how you would choose to feel and the free movement of energy.

2. Stretching, So simple and feels so good, you bend over at the waist to the count of three, 
    Imagining all the mental junk you’re releasing, just falling off of you, then standing fully 
   erect with spine straight, hands fully extended upright in the air stretching to allow your 
   governing meridian to fully expand, imagining the free flow and movement of revitalizing 

3. Walking, Especially in nature, as you walk, trying to maintain an aligned posture for optimal  
energy flow. Imagine with each step the stagnant energy breaking up and moving about. The nature component can be particularly grounding as you imagine yourself connecting to all there is, seeing yourself as the tree with roots firmly planted in the earth.

4. Visualization, There are so many great free apps for guided meditation or visualization
Mindbody * Insight Timer * Smiling Mind, to name a few. Guided meditation is particularly good for clearing out the mental energy accumulated as a by-product of life. 

5. Meditation and Prayer, I am speaking not of a guided meditation (visualization) but rather 
more self-guided. Like, really trying to quiet the busy brain. This type of meditation people sometimes struggle with because we create expectations of what that should be. I find it sometimes helpful to use prayer beads and move them through my fingers as I focus on my breathing and the silence, this gives the physical body something to do. Clearing the mind chatter gives us an amazing opportunity to hear from guidance and our soul self. Thoughts will come in, that’s going to happen, choose to see them passing by like people marching in a parade. Another way to eliminate the thought patterns is to choose an object such as a cloud for when you have a thought, you just return to your cloud over and over again. Prayer, communing with the divine. Whatever your spiritual understanding is, prayer can be on the other hand so simple, quiet and natural. We simply just ask for unwanted energy to be released. 

 6. Taking a shower or bathing, Just using the word cleanse translates here to the ritual of 
bathing or showering. When showering you can imagine the rinsing off of all the junk and it falling off of the body and down the drain. When bathing you can use salts to further eliminate toxins 
and infuse your cleansing with any number of cleansing qualities for your mind and body.
Make sure you don’t have any sensitivities to the following before using them in your bath. Some botanicals that are good for clearing are lavender, lemon, frankincense, and cypress. You can also put into your tub as you’re soaking a black tourmaline crystal, rose quartz, or hematite to mention a few. Understanding how botanicals and crystals work for cleansing will be another blog post.  

7. Clearing the physical clutter, Organizing the space you work and live in can give better flow to mental and emotional energies. Most of you may be familiar with Feng Shui which uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.When a physical environment is disorganized it doesn’t allow for the freeing of our minds and energy and it’s all connected.

8. Turning off the devices, speaking of a clearing, when clearing our minds and emotions, 
consider the fact that the average person is using a personal electronic device 3-4 hours per day. Not to mention the fact that it has become harder and harder to find autonomy by our ever constant over connectedness to each other. You can answer an email or text anytime anywhere. It’s hard to wait in the line at the grocery store without checking in on our messages. All of that overstimulation gives rise to stress and stagnate energy flow which translates big time into dis-ease physically. So as hard as it is sometimes clearing the clutter means deliberately turning off the devices.

9. Music and sound, moving and clearing energy through sound gets the mind and body  
moving which in turn gets the stagnate energy moving while increasing our vibrational frequency. Drumming, chanting, and bells all work well to increase that vibrational frequency. 
and we want our energy vibrating at higher frequencies for optimal well being. Think about how
happy a certain song can make us. Again there is a playlist you can choose from for chanting, bells etc.

10. Burning and smudging, what would this post be without a little woo woo! Although in reality it’s not so woo woo really. Smudging is something that’s been done for centuries by the ancients and native Americans.  Energy follows thought and your intention here is to cleanse. Using a sage bundle or stick, first light it and then blow it out while the tip continues to smolder, do so over a dish to catch the ash. Move the smoke around and over a person, space, or item and the smoke purifies. You can also use incenses as well. Another idea for clearing the mind and emotional stagnant energy would be to write down on a piece of paper something that you are attempting to let go of. Next place the piece of paper in a fire safe container and location and burn it. This process symbolizes the extinction of that thought from your energetic space. 

There are many many ways to create ease and flow of our energy bodies. Without attention to the overall health of our energy system, our health will inevitably be impacted. I like what Alberto Villoldo says in his book One Spirit Medicine, “we want our health span to match our life span”.   
And we want our life span to flow with ease and happiness. After all, it is my belief, that we are here to experience the best possible version of this journey while growing and expanding along the way.   

For more guidance on Energy Wellness contact Donna