A Personal Love Story

love story.jpg

“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves and believe” I love this quote by Scout Turrow. What is your story? Every single one of us has one.

A story can be imaginary or real it can be a widely circulated rumor. It can be filled with intrigue and drama and sometimes amusing. A story can be an account or incident regarding fact or fiction. Sometimes we invent a story of who we believe we are based on a series of events. A story is a tale that connects a series of happenings and retelling of the same old information. Maybe your self-narrative is composed of pertinent facts or circumstances relating to the evolution of something? We all have a history that helps support our story, sometimes it’s a great story, but what if we accept our story as the truth in a way that no longer serves us in our highest way? You guessed it, we rewrite the story because it’s our story! Change the story-change the belief or the acceptance that something is true. Write the beautiful story that you wish your life to be. Below are a few exploratory questions to help spark some self-dialogue. Be the author of your own beautiful autobiography. 

1. First ask yourself, who do I believe myself to be? 
Write down 6 words that describe you.
2. Next, ask yourself, am I the person that I want to be? 
Write down 6 words that describe the person you aspire to be?
3. What do I want to experience?
4. What feelings do I want to invite into my life?
5. What do I need to let go of?
6. What do I want so much that I am willing to make changes and be brave to accomplish it? 

Finally, write on a beautiful piece of stationery paper and put it front and center, so that you’re reminded every single day that you are…….