Today I woke with the words of one of my favs, Ed Sheeren, “I’ll find comfort in my pain” lines from the chorus in the song titled ERASER. How many of you wake up fresh with thoughts that guide you? Of course you do, we all do…but that’s another topic! The purpose for these words for me this morning I believe were to be used as an launching tool for helping to create an explanation for how helpful hypnotherapy can be for healing and making progress in our lives. Because we chose to live this human experience, we will undoubtedly experience pain. But we also choose to remain stuck in that pain or we find the lesson in it, pick up our big girl panties and embrace life once again. Pain can be generated from an endless list of daily experiences, small and large. I don’t want to minimize anyones pain as it it real and a necessary aspect to growth.

But, Like Ed how do we find comfort in that pain? First we honor it and here we go, this is the tough one…..we find the lesson in it and then we make a choice to remain in it, or we find a way to move through it and find ourself on the other side of that pain. We find comfort in our pain only when it can serve to move us to someplace better.

Using Hypnotherapy as a tool for moving through a painful experience we can find success in releasing the threads that connect us to that experience. Our mind is a great servant but not so great a master at times functions in a way that the subconscious mind holds on to everything like a video camera, recording every single experience you’ve ever had within this lifetime and depending on your belief structure perhaps previous lifetimes. From those experiences emotions and habits are generated, sometimes good and sometimes not the greatest. But like a vault they are stored in there until we assert our freewill and choose to make some changes. Now, it is possible to make changes through the conscious mind but much more challenging because that’s where our will power resides and we all know how tricky she can be! Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to speak to our subconscious mind and travel back to a time from where a undesirable habit or emotion is generated and through hypnosis we rewrite the programming and free ourselves.

Hypnosis, simply is a very relaxed, focused state of attention, we often travel there when we meditate, one is fully aware throughout the process but is guided to target and work through specific events (sometimes only discovered while speaking to our subconscious) that you want to move past. Hypnotherapy is not exactly what you may have seen as a stage show, the similarity stops at the induction of a state of relaxation. The acting like a rabbit part is all stage semantics. On a daily basis we all experience self hypnosis, an example of that might be, when you drove to work this morning you may have forgotten even driving a portion of the route, your conscious mind took a little break and your subconscious mind said, I got this, we do this all the time. The conscious and subconscious mind each have their function and work in harmony.

If you are stuck and want to make progress toward your highest and best potential or want to erase and find the comfort in your pain, explore and rewrite the thread that keeps you tethered through hypnosis. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I welcome you to inquire about how this tool can be transformative in assisting you in moving on from the past and into the future by working toward being your very best .