What does it mean to you when you hear the words ENERGY WORK? Often times I think people interpret this work to be very curiously mysterious. Somehow we’re open to the idea but yet guarded primarily I believe, because we don’t yet understand really what amazing benefits energy work can offer.

Just to do a tiny recap on high school physics, our planet Earth is, yep the one we live on….is one big ball of energy, generated from the sun and it is that same energy that is the life source to all living things on the planet. Are we a living thing on the planet Earth? Of course we are, and as such we are also composed of the same particles of light. When we refer to energy work it is that energy within our HEF or (Human Energy Field) that we are working with. We are working to restore and recharge by connecting with the UEF or (Universal Energy Field).

And, here’s the really cool thing, you are already doing energy work and probably don’t even know it! How is that so? When you take a walk in nature, pray, meditate, exercise, take a good nap, eat a good diet, share a conversation with a friend, have a facial, Sunday afternoon dinners with family, give or receive a hug, you see the list goes on and on. Whenever we are doing something that allows us to shift, relax, and enjoy, we are suppling the body with light (energy) from the UEF. I happen to believe that this source of light or energy comes from God or the Great Creator, that all depends on your belief structure. But, regardless of your belief structure today’s science and research shows this to be true.

To take you yet another step further, we have all heard the term Reiki meaning ( REI-Spirit KI-Universal Life Force) and perhaps others forms of energy work with practitioners. These forms of restoration provide you, the client with the same opportunity as previously mentioned to relax and restore. When you receive a Reiki treatment you are provided a comfortable space to relax and while relaxed your practitioner acts as the conduit of that universal light, essentially becomes a human extension cord, so that only you, not the practitioner can offer your body the essential healing and restoration that it requires. The best part is this, your perfect being knows exactly where to send that needed light and all you are required to do is NOTHING, now how's that for easy! So the next time you are enjoying that deliberate much needed break while enjoying a cup of tea, be aware that you too are an energy worker!! Embrace-Share-Be Brave-Be Thankful!!!

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