We all have dreams and desires. Some of us dream big or maybe it’s just a little calling, like the desire to change the way we do something. A dream is the possibility of something and a desire is that stronger feeling of wanting it to happen. Too often, we get stuck between the wanting and the doing. If you find you are stuck at that in between, and can’t quite ignite, Explore some of the following tips.

1. Ask yourself, why am I stuck? But here’s the key, in establishing whether you stay stuck or can start gaining a little ground…….Ask the question why am I stuck and then ”LISTEN.” Listen to what you’re hearing! Allowing, the same courtesy of time with yourself that you would give to a family member or friend. Check in, with YOU and get to know her!

2. After you’ve ask “why am I stuck?” how does being stuck feel in my body? Pay attention to how it physically feels. Do I feel it in my belly or in my heart? Doing this will help you further discern the source of your trepidation. Generally there is a fear base for what you’re feeling.

3. After you’ve identified the fear connected to getting started, stay in that space for bit, exploring the logic behind your fear and ask yourself, does this fear make sense? Recognizing that the fear is merely a thought and that potentially you are allowing it to recycle into your pursuit for accomplishing what it is you desire?

4. Here’s the exciting part!! Once you have made the big discovery of where your thought of fear is coming from, you can take back your power!! Because you and only you are in charge of where and how those thoughts are being allowed into your life. Thoughts are only thoughts and they can be changed!!

5. When giving yourself permission to make changes in your thought habits in the pursuit of happiness, ALWAYS, remain kind to yourself. Your thoughts create your next moment. Life is a continual process. Shifting when necessary by recognizing, that somedays we are better at self compassion than other days.

6. Be brave and establish baby steps. The world was not created in a day! Ask yourself, what’s one brave little thing that I am confident I can do today, and then start! When trying to change a habit or create a new one, generally, it takes around 7 days of doing the same thing over and over before a new habit is formed.

7. Celebrate!!! You deserve it, reward yourself for work well done! Having something to look forward to as you initiate those baby steps keeps you focused on the positive.