I just returned from travel to Acadia National Park in Maine. This was my first visit to Maine. I’ve traveled all over this country and then some and I can’t believe that it took me this long to get to Acadia, what was I thinking?!

The beautiful combination of Ponderosa pines, coastline, clean freshwater lakes, and rock formation all served to really stimulate the senses. I took my laptop, workbooks and the intention of getting some work done on my trip. Reality offered a different outcome. As I found myself allowing the opportunity to really be present and appreciate all the sensory gifts, I could not for a single moment become motivated to dig into my work. At first I was puzzled by why I couldn’t shift into to work mode because I love what I do. But Essential Self was telling me something different. My thoughts of needing to be feel inspired to work were dragging me away from fully enjoying and relaxing into this beautiful sensory, well-earned vacation. I was being sucked into the vortex of the 24/7 awareness that there is always something to do or to be done. We humans have a funny way of operating on automatic pilot. I had to intentionally turn off the buzzing brain, but that only came with the awareness that it was buzzing (Mindfulness) and keeping me from truly anchoring into the newness all around me. Practicing mindfulness and giving ourselves permission to be in the present moment can be one of our biggest challenges but one of the greatest gifts. I had to mindfully see how I was not allowing myself to be fully in this experience. I had to intentionally go from doing to being mode. I had to give my self permission to let go of the normal routine and to vacate which is after all where the word vacation comes from.

So whether your on vacation or staycation, and unhooking from the daily buzz challenges you, try, instead, to shift your awareness to that of being present in that very moment by allowing all the unfolding details to emerge. Give your essential self complete permission to enjoy the experience and incorporate all of your senses fully to drink in the entire experience.