This week, I was grateful to find myself for a couple of days back to Acadia National Park Me. I was invited to tagged along with my daughter for her work, and it was just the recharge that I needed. As I sat along those big beautiful rocks and reflected out at the ocean so massive, I couldn’t help but find myself traveling back to an earlier time in my life. As I felt the warm sun amidst a perfect late summer temperature on my face and smelled the familiar sea salt with the hint of pine, I began to travel back to a time when I was just a child and the biggest concern in my day was, whether my inner tube would hold air while swimming all day. As I was in the energy of an experience that occurred frequently in my summers as a girl, I was able to recall through my senses the magic of a time when life was about nothing more than leaving your house at 10 am and returning in time for dinner. The recall of those memories, through my senses are a special reminder that we can visit the energy of anytime from our life experience that we choose. It’s all stored there in our own personal life vault and all we have to do to access that energy is to find stillness long enough to engage the senses and off you go. It made my heart happy to experience the energy generated by a beautiful memory. And the really cool part was, that I could stay there for as long as I chose to do so, I was the navigator of this time machine.

As navigator of your own time machine, you choose where you want to go and why you want to check in. So anytime you find yourself someplace you prefer not to be, then guess what, you got it……you simple don’t stay. Reroute that course to a time and place that serves you better, you really do have that much ability to pilot your own journey.

Happy Travels!