If your reading this post, there’s a good chance that you have been to me for a spa treatment. My work started out primarily in spa 10 years ago and has evolved since into what I consider Energy Wellness. But, what does that mean, what is Energy Wellness? Because our well-being matters to us, more and more we are seeking to understand ways of bringing a more balanced approach to life. Energy Wellness, is focused on bringing balance and improvement on all levels. If your body could talk, what would it tell you? Learning to listen to your body beyond the physical and understanding the integrative connection to mind and spirit is a holistic experience. When we are out of alignment in one area of our life the other areas of our well-being are influenced also. If we are overwhelmed, overworked, out of touch, feeling depressed or anxious, we will begin to manifest imbalance on a physical level. Just like a car requires an engine, a steering wheel, four tires, fuel and the oil change every 3000 miles to operate congruently, so too, does our entire being need to be attended to. Disease, is a manifestation in the cells of the body lacking light. This light or energy can be restored, maintained, and served through Energy Wellness. You are restoring that light on a continually basis when you do the things that are in alignment with who you truly are. Am I doing, living, loving my life. When you take time out to explore why you’re not alignment. When you create healthy boundaries, When you eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, find joy, and contentment. When you love and serve others from a loving place. When you feel gratitude, and experience healthy relationships. All of these things bring this light into your being on all levels. An Energy Wellness Coach can assist you on multiple levels, through the use of different holistic modalities, guiding you toward that light. The next time you’re feeling the need for a dose of light energy, take 5 minutes to “recharge” your battery by doing the following:

1. In a quiet undistracted setting, close your eyes and slow down your breathing taking full deep inhales, this will fill you with the qualities necessary to raise your vibrational rate.

2. Exhaling any thoughts or qualities that are blocking or impeding you.

3. Remember energy follows thought , now think in terms of your whole body, breathing in and out.

4. On every inhale in, breathing in the qualities you desire; peace, patients, wellness, love, kindness etc.

5. On every exhale releasing the qualities that no longer serve you, anxiousness, pain in my back, impatience, lack of vitality etc. release them all out to the universe for recycling.