Let's "FACE" it - Spa is Good for the Soul


In todays busy and over connected world the spa is one of the few places you can count on turning off all electronics and truly disconnecting. Whether you call it pampering or wellness to me it’s one in the same. Feeling good and being well are related. The International Spa Association has defined spas as places that enhance wellbeing across body, mind, and spirit.

So what do spas really do for our wellbeing? Spas can provide a safe, serene sanctuary to reconnect mind, body, spirit, destress, relax, recharge and reflect. It is now certain that most “Dis-ease” is not derived from defects within human genetics, but is created in response to one thing and that is STRESS. Stress is related to over 80% of all known diseases . As stress is reduced one can actually change the biochemistry of their body. And a higher state of balance can be achieved. A holistic approach to optimizing your wellbeing and vitality by giving your mind and body a chance to reconnect along with healthy daily habits, diet , exercise and sleep are important for for preventative care. Taking a break from job, family and friends in a session with the nurturing touch of a skilled therapist has benefits that can go beyond the physical realm .

The power of touch can: Relieve tension and anxiety Releases endorphins in our brains Boost immune system Lessen fatigue Ease pain Help you sleep better Slow the heart rate Improve depression Decrease blood pressure

Touch is a basic human need, along with shelter, food and water. Touch provides a connection with the human spirit that is missing more and more in todays fast internet age. Healing touch whether it be through a spa experience, a hug, or simple hand shake is well documented as a necessary means for triggering the release of oxytocin, known as the love hormone that can foster therapeutic benefits for a higher state wellbeing.

Be Well!