When life serves wilted flowers, plant a new seed.


As we are in the full swing of the Autumn season, one can’t help but notice the changing of colors, smells, temperature, and shorter days. We also can’t help but be reminded that all of life is a continual process and flow, a beginning, ending and beginning again. A tree drops its leaves, those leaves decay and mix into the earth below nourishing the soil and a new cycle of growth starts in spring for an even big stronger tree. Corn is harvested providing a food source to humans and animals that will have the strength to plant new corn crops and the cycle continues. This flow demonstrates to us that we too are in a continual process of growth. The exciting part is with the acknowledgement of this process we can gain a renewed strength. When life serves us a wilted flower, we plant a new one. We’re not flawed, instead we are in a continual process of rebirth, more beautiful and stronger then before. Tomorrow is always a new day and opportunity for something new and exciting. The following few steps may be helpful when exploring change.

1. Be kind to yourself, bring your focus back to yourself and act in alignment with your integrity.

2. Tell the truth to yourself, including the parts that feel scary.

3. See the value in all experience, our greatest challenge become our greatest gift

4. Explore new solutions. Talk to others especially if your stuck in a pattern.

5. Don’t get distracted by others, surround yourself with positivity.

6. Take action by creating one little do-able baby step in a forward direction.