Imagine that you are driving home from work after the best day ever and the driver next to you honks his horn and yells out …….as$@*le! It can potentially in an instant change your complete disposition. Why is it that one word can have so much power or words in general can have so much power in their content? Positive and negative words and thoughts have a major impact on the surrounding environment. Words and thought-forms comprised of words are energetic and vibrate at various frequencies.

Through the 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystal structure of water. He hired photographers to take pictures of water before and after in its frozen crystalline state after being exposed to different variables. The results were astounding. His studies concluded that water was reacting to actual words.

Energy follows thought and water and people are pure conductive energy. The good news is this, “energy in and energy out” You choose the energy form you desire. If that nasty word comes flying your way, you, simply feel it and then choose the energy form of the new word you would rather be feeling. You are the emperor of your temple and at any time you’re feeling in a way that is undesirable, you can breathe out the negative word and breath in the chosen word.

It’s also important to be aware of the words we choose when considering others. When realizing that a few poor choice words can bring down someone’s day and using your weapons long term can further impact someone’s life. To the contrary imagine what effect a few kind words can offer. Positive, diplomatic words are free and abundant and can be just the gift someone needs.

Now go back to the beginning of this piece and imagine instead that you are driving home from a really crummy day and you gesture for another driver to go ahead of you and they gesture kindly back and simple use two highly vibrating words “thank you” that crummy day could end way better than it started out. Consider not using your words as weapons but instead as acts of kindness.