Are You A Renaissance Soul?

Are You A Renaissance Soul? How many of you can relate to the following? Do you find a lot of different things interesting and worthwhile? Do you have a tough time making choices and are passionate about so many things? Do you have your hands in multiple projects at once? Do you start to get antsy after a bit of being locked into one box? If you answered yes to even one of these then you’re likely a Renaissance Soul. Yes, it’s a real thing and you may even see it sometimes called a Multi-Potentialities. The good news is that you’re not broken. Some of the most amazing people throughout history are Renaissance Souls, people like Michelangelo, DaVinci, Ben Franklin and Oprah to mention a few. I know for me there’s no question that I am multi-passionate about many things, contrasted by being married to a man that is just the opposite. ( There's truth in the old saying opposites attract.) He knew from the time he was a little boy what he wanted to do in life and followed his path. For us, Renaissancer’s being multi-passionate creates a life that is certainly anything but boring, but at times can seem to take us off track.
Recently, I found myself reevaluating all my many passions, along with the heightened awareness that time is a currency.  When this happens I have to go back to my WHY.  Returning to my WHY helps me stay on track, creating a focus for the weeding out process. Although I would love to have the focus, energy, and time to engage in all my many interests, it’s not always practical and functional and I start to realize that when I feel a lack of harmony, truly feeling it internally. I then ask myself, how joyful and exciting does this project feel to me and is it in alignment with my WHY.  Our WHY may, of course, appear to change with the stages of life. But generally when you really define your WHY you’ll notice that it’s more a thread of values, not your purpose that tends to accompany you throughout life. I can be interested in lots of things and even explore 2 or 3 things at a time,  but what works best for me in determining whether to start a new project or goal I may consider some of the following:

1. Why is this project/goal exciting or important to me?
2. How harmonious does this goal feel when I imagine having it?  
3. How does this goal fit into the kind of world I want to create? Does it relate to my life purpose?
4. Is this something that I still want to explore? If so how much energy/time/resources do I want to give it?
5. How does my future look if I imagine having this goal?
There are many many more factors in the process to consider once I clearly determine if a project or goal is in alignment with my WHY and reaching Self-Actualization. 

Additionally, four Key factors in identifying purpose in the choices that I make with setting larger goals/projects come from what I have learned as the Four Freedoms; It’s imagining the most wonderful life imaginable, without limits.

1. Emotional Freedom - How do I realize my purpose with the greatest possible emotional freedom? 
2. Time -  How would I like to organize my time, for work and the other things that I want to do in life.
 3. Abundance - How much money would allow me  
     to feel abundantly supported by the universe?
4. Geographical Freedom - What type of environment do I want to be/live in? 

Using your Renaissance Soul Self to your advantage is to embrace the diversity, passion, curiosity, and interest and know that contrary to old believes that you don’t always have to finish what you’ve started or find that one thing to settle in to. Figure out what works best for you by simply paying attention to what keeps you in alignment. Personally, I have 2 or 3 projects going at any one time. I’ve learned to pick and choose with the process that I’ve outlined for you amongst other things because that feels right to me. Pay attention to what FEELS right to you. 

One last helpful tip for the brain buzzing is to do what’s called a Brain Dump. Set the timer for about three minutes and dump on paper all the things you think about. Once you have a list prioritize them. If you don’t know where to start, rate them by the level of excitement from 1-10 and from there narrow down to three or four and then maybe which project feels easiest to start with.

Wishing all of my Renaissance brothers and sisters every good thing in this world!

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