Creating My Best Day Ever

Our thoughts create our reality, no words could hold more truth! This is true on so many levels, but what if we could start every day off with this understanding? For those of us old enough to remember the movie with Bill Murray “Groundhog Day” Every day he wakes up and the scene is the same over and over and over again. Every day for him is Groundhog Day and he has the chance to recreate or get it right yet once again. Imagine for yourself that every day is a restart and a chance to do over or to experience more joy, ease and flow with whatever your task is for that day. Would you agree that would be a more desirable state? Changing your thoughts does change your reality. When I wake up in the morning, some mornings I am energetic and immediately positive and optimistic and then there are other mornings the reality is that my thoughts are less motivating. This is pretty normal I think for all of us, from maybe we didn’t sleep well or there’s something external going on in our world that's influencing us. We are a very complex intricate machine and highly influenced. Because we are so easily influenced by internal and external processes it’s especially important to be aware of the value of our thoughts and how they most certainly create our reality. Let’s apply this concept to optimizing our opportunity for having the best day possible each and every day.

First, when you open your eyes before flying out of bed give yourself a moment to do a mini assessment. Check in with your self, how am I feeling in this moment? Many mornings maybe we fly out of bed because the alarm blared us into a reality. Even if you awaken to an alarm (maybe a pleasant one) build in a few extra moments giving yourself permission to lay in the stillness to access what you may need for this day.

Next, appreciating the journey, finding the gratitude for the simplest of things and stating gratitude for the things you will manifest today. ( peace, flow, money, health, etc.) Doing this immediately starts you off with the neurological benefits of gratitude and establishes intention within the universe for the day you intend to create.

On to, charting your daily course with acceptance and enthusiasm, we all have tasks to do that aren’t always that exciting, such things are necessary aspects of life, but reframing ( focusing on what the task is as a blessing, rather than daunting ) is simply seeing them with elements of gratitude and can serve to energetically shift you into inspired action. 

Finally, generating the desired state you wish to bring in for this day comes from developing self-awareness. We have to be aware of those sabotaging thoughts and we all have them. As we become aware we then choose a better thought, we always have choices. Choose the thought that aligns with how we intend to manifest our day or any of the great things in life.

“ I can choose, to have a great day or I can choose to allow myself to have a lousy day”. “Today will be a great day, simply because I say it will be”

Knowing you matter and that we all are a work in progress is the goal, no wrongs or rights. When we lay our head back to the pillow at night, we release all and any self-judgment. We acknowledge that today we did our best. Before drifting off we again allow in the gratitude, knowing that tomorrow when I awaken there is yet another chance to do my very best toward living in that place of ease, peace, and flow.