Do Nothing And Be Everything

Do nothing and be everything, what a statement. Some of you will read this and say “what the heck?” How can I do nothing and be everything? It is a pretty provocative thought, but one that is also so profound that it’s worth the contemplation. It’s only when you give the words a chance to settle in that they will truly resonant within your world over and over again. They will mean a little something different to each of us and apply potentially in so many ways while reminding us all to simply just be. 

While in constant doing, solving, worrying, planning, pleasing, multitasker mode, on an autopilot of distraction, we are pulled from the present while placing too much focus either in the past or the future. To just be, is finding that balance with our human doing and our human being. Relinquishing the need to know and have it all figured out frees us from the doing thereby allowing us to live in the awesomeness of just being, existing more naturally in that space of being everything. We all would agree that planning and doing is a necessary part of life and this isn’t intended for you to not apply practical function, but rather to take you deeper into your inner world by opening up to the concept of letting go to being everything allowing in the flow of life and welcoming in the doing as it happens in a very synchronized, pleasing, and effortless way. Letting go of resistance and moving into a place of pure potential creates fertile ground for amazingness. 

I invite you to deposit this phrase into your bank of personal expansion. “Do Nothing And Be Everything”. Remind yourself of what that may mean from time to time for you and allow yourself to live in the space of something bigger and grander inviting in all the magic.