With the events that took place last week within our government, I can’t help but be reminded that we humans have such power to be instruments of love, tolerance, and peace or not. It naturally comes to mind, that how can “I” one person have an effect or impact on such a global scale? The realization that we are but one individual can feel overwhelmingly defeating. The truth of the matter is, that it is a rare occasion for one man alone to have a far reaching impact, and the awareness of that can offer enough discouragement to take away the desire to even participate in change.

I also couldn’t help but to be aware as I sat among thousands in a stadium for one of my favs, Ed Sheeran in concert over the weekend, how all of the individuals intentionally coming together for two hours had a resonance. Resonance does not happen very often and only affects objects close to the vibrating source. Objects vibrating at their natural frequencies will cause resonance. Just like when tuning an instrument, the strings on other instruments will natural start to vibrate at specific frequency.

Each of us, every single itty bitty one of us, has the ability to impact the world. We do that by being aware and intentional with our thoughts and choices that effect the planets resonance.

Our natural vibrating frequency is to be in a frequency of love, understanding, and positivity. Intolerance and hate come from the vibration of fear. In one of Ed’s songs titled “What do I know” he says “LOVE can change the world in a moment but what do I know” In a moment that lasted 120 minutes, we were all in a vibrational frequency of “love, understanding and positivity" and it was palatable. Imagine the trickle down effect to our planet and each other of choosing in most moments intention sourced from love and not fear!

It's a very big task, but we start by being aware that "I" through my thoughts and choices in every moment, of love, understanding, and positivity, effect someone else and so on and so on and Love can change the world in a moment but what do I know.