Magic In The New Year


With another whole year about to wrap, some of us may become a little melancholy while others look forward to a new beginning with anticipated, renewed excitement. I personally experience both. I think as I reflect back through the year with fondness and gratitude for so much, I can’t help to feel some sense of sadness with the passing of time. With the passing of time, we experience change and sometimes change challenges us. I will ask you the same as I ask myself, what is one magical memory from this past year? Honestly, for me to narrow it down to one, is tricky because truly there are so many great memories. But, which memory will I hold on to going into the next year? Which one served me in an expansive way, which memory reminded me of the fragility of life, the value of those dear to us. Which memory presented an awareness of gratitude for every minute, while, teaching grace and bravery. Among all the beautiful memories of 2018, this particular memory was magically for me because, despite the pain involved with this experience, I choose to find magic in the time spent with my dear cousin for a week while in the hospital, as he realized his prognosis of stage four cancer. Not all memories are perfect and of fairytales but, sometimes there can still be magic found. As we move on and into a whole new year, I will continue to find the magic in being available to support, to connect with, in the time shared and to encourage bravery, strength, peace, and love.

Ask yourself, What is one magical memory from this past year? The magic is that part of a memory that is felt somewhere inside when recalled. The magical part that is cherished because it happened. That magical part that you will choose to carry forward into the new year because as part of your experience on some level you're reminded that you're living a human experience.

As you move into your new year, I encourage you to find the magic in all of your experiences, be present, feel them, grow and learn from them. We can’t stop time but we can capture it and along with it, all of the beautiful magical memories yet to be created.

Happiest and Healthiest of New Years XO