Three steps to living on purpose in 2019


1. Define what living intentionally means to you.

Ask yourself, am I living on purpose? Consider what your values are. What’s important to me. Take a few minutes out to establish and update somewhat regularly, Ask yourself, how it is it that I want to show up in my world? Who is the person that I want to be in this life?

2. Be brave by doing what it is you ’re afraid of.

Pay attention to your dreams and desires, where does fear reside within your body, feel it and Identify it. When you have identified why you are fearful, work at eliminating that fear, but being brave and setting one baby step or goal at a time toward the bigger picture and one baby step at a time you will arrive.

3. Learn to listen and trust your inner voice.

Often that inner voice appears as a bunch of chatter. Remember that our brain is only a tool and your brain’s function as a tool is to be a radio of sorts and relay guidance. The key to listening to our inner voice is to be open to the chatter while simultaneously becoming in tune with the body and how that chatter feels within the body for the full picture. When you learn to listen more with the body, you’re getting it!