Weaving with Energy Threads


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an invisible thread that connects you to me and now us to each and every other thing on our planet. Like Spiderman, coming from the tips of his fingers a web that binds him to all things.  Energy, seemingly invisible is what connects us all. Quantum physics, call this quantum entanglement when particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. We may not see this happening, but we can feel it affects. 

With awareness, we can weave with the threads of love, kindness, tolerance, and compassion. Knowing that the choices we make and words we choose can have such a ripple effect. We all experience this effect every single day in one form or another. You may go out in public and encounter someone not having a great day, using not the kindest of niceties. You then return home, choose some unkind words for your partner and your partner then, exchanges them with the kids and then the kids with your dog and now everybody including the dog is not having a very good day, the ripple effect will move on and on.  Another example of this energy exchange is when we’re all together watching an event like the upcoming Super Bowl. Our team is doing well maybe even wins, everybody body is in a celebratory state. We feed off of each others energy within the context of an event. 

If you are reading this, then you exist here and now and there is no separation, we are woven together with these threads not even by choice, but by design. Now, imagine this awareness on a global scale and the impact we could have in choosing expressions of love and unity over expressions of hate and separation. Initiate a ripple effect with just a subtle shift in awareness the next time you have an energy exchange and if you’re alive, it inevitably is coming very soon, by choosing to consciously engage in a way that perpetuates the qualities of a world in which you would like to live in.